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Musical Theatre Summer Showcase

Yet another showcase done and dusted! This time, it was the turn of our Musical Theatre students to take to the stage and show their family and friends now much they have progressed since they have joined us at Encore PAA, whether that was in September this year or when we first opened in 2010.

You always think in the run up to a show, and especially during the Dress Rehearsal, that there has to be easier ways to showcase the talents that we see within the walls of our studios each week...

But then we have nights like Friday and last night when we see the results of everyone's hard work since September come together and it just clicks. It is about the way in which our students have developed as performers, how they have strengthened new friendships especially between the Strabane and Letterkenny studios.

Admittedly, there have been times over the past few months that have made my job of producing, directing and choreographing (or even thinking about) a show, incredibly difficult and stressful, so I thank you for being very understanding and supportive. We have had children on that stage this weekend who never performed before. We had some students who didn't have the confidence to sing in from of their class in October, get on stage and perform a solo in front of a packed theatre. Im so proud of all our students and we are beyond grateful that they are with us at Encore PAA.

Here are some pics from the dress rehearsal and last night! The rest will be uploaded to our 'Our Productions' page, so keep checking!

Thanks to EVERYONE who has helped me not only this weekend, but this year! As one audience member said last night "You know, there is something special about Encore...there is a team there in place that you can't get anywhere else" From Miss. Caroline, tutors, students, backstage crew and parent supervisors...I'm so glad to have you involved with Team Encore!

Rebecca x

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