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Photo of Junior performers

Musical Tots

Nursery - Year 2 / Senior Infants

For most of us, our first introduction to Musical Theatre, perhaps unknowingly, was through Nursery Rhymes. 

Our Musical Tots class further develops this by introducing the students to the basics of the main disciplines in Musical Theatre.

Through the use of tools such as storytelling, creative expression and play, we encourage these young students to explore the core disciplines of Musical Theatre in a fun, enjoyable space.

Our Musical Tots perform onstage during the bi-annual showcase, where they get the opportunity to wear costumes, use props and perform their script to a sold-out audience in The Alley Theatre. For most of them, this is the first time they perform onstage to a live audience.

As well as this, students perform weekly in class, and prepare short scripts, music and dances termly.


Through short age-appropriate scripts, creative storytelling and fun improvisation, our Musical Tots explore the basic fundamentals of acting and drama.

Singing & Voice

Using songs developed for this age group, as well as popular favourites such as Disney songs, our Musical Tots explore their voices, both singing and speaking. 

Dance & Movement

As well as learning short routines, our Musical Tots will be encouraged to explore how effective movement is when we perform. 

This class is a fantastic introduction to the arts for young children, as well as developing their confidence, giving them the chance to work as part of a team and developing their ability to communicate and express themselves. 

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