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Rising Stars

Year 3 - Year 5 / 1st Class - 3rd Class

The Rising Stars Musical Theatre class continues to build on the core skills required within Musical Theatre.

We start to introduce more structure and technique, ensuring we still incorporate play and allow the students to express themselves creatively.

Through the use of tools such as storytelling, creative expression and play, we encourage these young students to explore the core disciplines of Musical Theatre in a fun, enjoyable space.

Our Rising Stars perform onstage during the bi-annual showcase, where they get the opportunity to wear costumes, use props and perform their script to a sold-out audience in The Alley Theatre. For most of them, this is the first time they perform onstage to a live audience.

As well as this, students perform weekly in class, and prepare short scripts, music and dances termly.


Using script and familiar stories, the students will learn about character and character development, as well as looking at setting the scene and developing the story.

Singing & Voice

We start to introduce our Rising Stars to more vocal technique, including exploration of the voice, singing and basic accent work. 

Dance & Movement

We start to look at introducing movement into character development, as well as looking at more structured dance routines within Musical Theatre.

This class helps to continue developing their confidence, giving them the chance to work as part of a team and developing their ability to communicate and express themselves. 

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