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Stage Bound

Year 6 - Year 8 / 4th Class - 1st Year

The Stage Bound class is a stepping stone into our Senior Musical Theatre class, preparing them for a much deeper understanding of Musical Theatre as an industry. 

We continue to build on their skills, whilst nurturing them as individual performers.

Our Stage Bound students are gently introduced to Acting techniques, such as Stanislavski, Meisner and Method Acting, that will be explored at a deeper level once they enter the Senior Class.

Our Stage Bound class perform onstage during the bi-annual showcase, where they get the opportunity to wear costumes, use props and perform their script to a sold-out audience in The Alley Theatre. For most of them, this is the first time they perform onstage to a live audience.

As well as this, students perform weekly in class, and prepare short scripts, music and dances termly.


As well as starting to explore Acting Techniques, our  Stage Bound students look at improvisation, devising theatre and more in-depth script work.  

Singing & Voice

Our Stage Bound Students are encouraged to work on General American and RP accents, as well as starting to look at harmonies and ensemble singing.

Dance & Movement

Musical Theatre routines are taught to the Stage Bound class, while also exploring the use of movement within theatre.

This class helps to continue developing their core skills in Musical Theatre, while prepping them for more in-depth training as part of the Senior cohort.

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